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If you have come here you are one or the other or both.
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Hedgepeth Photography
This is my wife's business and web site. While she's not a Knothead or a Boat Whore she is married to someone who is both and we don't know what this says about either one of us. That said, she is quite possibly the best and, without a doubt, the only reasonably priced wedding photographer in Galveston County.

The Mother of All Maritime Links
John Kohnen ran amuck with this one. You can get there from here.

Alaska Museum Of Fancy Knots
So this is what they do up there in the winter. Excellent site, Great Images.

Knots On The Web
Peter Suber either had a lot of time on his hands or was giving partial credit for students to work on his site. Truely comprehensive. 

Tim Whitten has put together an excellent body of work. Worth a long look.

Martin Combs Link Site
Martin's site is a standard for serious knotheads. An excellent source for supplies

Turks Head Calculations
Geoff in Australia has done an excellent job with this calculator. If you can't tie a 4 X 5 turkshead in hand this will be above you but an excellent tool for the true knothead and wantabe boat whore. Thanks for the work Geoff.

Alan Folsoms Knotting Page

Al has done some great work with this site. A very good mix of introductory (with excellent illistrations) and advanced knotting. Has some good links to suppliers and a book list.

Notable Knot Index

Kevin RooTwo has put together a great web site with good illistrations and explanations. More extensive when you go through it than it first appears

Loopy Lacer

Tatting?? What in the world is tatting. Don't click this link if you don't want to find out. Lily Qualls Morales has gathered books and patterns and supplies and other links with even more information. There is an entire tatting world out there. Who would've thought. Tatting is exquisitly detailed lace work. I'm sure it can be done in any size put most of it is done with thread so that will give you some idea. All that small work has got to ruin your eyes faster than watching TV but at least  you got something to show for it other than knowing that Arnold Zifel was a pig on Green Acres. Excellent craft work.

André's Knotting Page

André van der Salm has combined instructions with illustrations to form one of the best "How to tie knots" sites on the web. There are several sections to this site and all are worth the time it takes to go through them. Excellent photos of projects during construction and finished. The boat, DE HOOP, at the Harbor Museum in Rotterdam is on my list of things to see before I die. André is always adding to the site and it is bilingual so you can learn Dutch as an extra added attraction.


Taipan likes whips. All kind of whips. As he says, "A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history with the possible exceptions of bullwhips and tequila." Wonderful section on how to make a cow whip.

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